Distributors & Export Markets



Our dynamic distribution strategy aims at ensuring that UFF products are readily available and within the reach of our local and regional customers. The exemptions extended by the Inter-Arab Trade Agreements have given our clients additional advantages for importing UFF products.

Distribution centers have been established in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Russia and Lebanon to implement this strategy and meet the needs of our clients from the strategic stocks in these centers.

Throughout the years, we have also focused on our one-on-one export strategy, which caters to the needs of our clients worldwide and ensures that each export order is executed according to client requirements and country regulations. Our current export markets include countries in the MENA region, U.S.A, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and India.


Our clients in the United States can benefit from customs exemptions under the Free Trade Agreements for European customers, all our products are eligible for EUR1 certification. signed between Jordan and Jordan and the United States. 


We are always looking to expand our markets and are currently looking for distributors in the UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey.




Agents & Distributors

Wadi Al Faradis For General Trading – Shorjah, Baghdad
Mr. Haider Al Hassany
Mob: + 964 7 700774499 / + 964 7 800774499 / + 964 7 500774499
Email: info@alhassany.com 


Societe Baz et Azar pour le Commerce - Beirut
Mr. Sami Azar
Tel: + 961 1 444961 / + 961 1 586203
Mob: + 961 3 632000
Email: samiazar@terra.net.lb




Kabat LTD / Kazan

Mr. Denisov Evgeny

TEL: +7 977 345 9 779

MOB: +7 953 499 25 99

Email: Info@richflavors.ru

Website: www.richflavors.ru




Kamel Sadi Kamel Jamjoum /Hebron

First Haouz

Mr. Sadi Kamel Jamjoum

TEL: +972 568819309

TEL: +972 2720260

MOB: +972 599830339

Email: alkamelco73@gmail.com