Product Lines


All UFF liquid flavors, flavor emulsions and vanilla powder flavors are food-grade. They are categorized into three lines depending on application and concentration.


UFF: is the main line of flavors and is used in:


• Soft & Carbonated Beverages
• Confectionary, Sweets & Chewing Gum
• Ice Cream & Dairy Products
• Biscuits, Wafers & Bakery
• Fats & Ghees
• Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products


AROMATIC: is the line of flavors and colors tailored to suit the needs of bakeries, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, patisseries and retail shops. AROMATIC flavors are of a lower concentration than UFF flavors.


Shisha Flavors: is the line of flavors dedicated to the tobacco/smoking applications which include shisha and related industries such as steam stones, e-cigarettes and e-shishas.


Our three main lines are complimented by a wide range of essential oils and aroma chemicals (food and pharma grades), emulsifying blends, stabilizing systems, clouding agents, colors and other food additives and ingredients.